A warm welcome
to our MPP Cohort

Nine Master's students share their first impressions of our double degree MSc. in Public Policy and Human Development at United Nations University and Maastricht University: "Let's jump on board and take part in this adventure!"

I made the right decision!

The energy of the cohort is outstanding! Having so many diverse people from all over the world in such a concentrated environment creates room for a lot of new perspectives and ideas. Maastricht is the perfect study location -- a mixture of cozy and quaint.

Marianne, 28,

It's the first time I've felt 'at home' so quickly in a new environment

The team spirit is amazing, and this was really well communicated to us in the Introduction Days. Every day at UNU-MERIT is a pleasure. The tutorial sessions are alive, dynamic and very interesting! You can tell that every student is happy to be here and entirely committed.

Lisa, 22, Belgian

The education system is absolutely different from anything I've seen before.

I think that in just two weeks I got more knowledge than from a four-year Bachelor's in my home country. Half of this knowledge comes from the very diverse cohort.

Richard, Ukrainian

I like the Problem-Based Learning method

Even though we’ve just started using PBL, I can already see that it's a very practical method of learning policy concepts and applying frameworks. It’s been amazing to interact with people from various nationalities, age groups, educational backgrounds and past experiences.

Apoorva, 27, Indian

Where do our students come from?

Where do our students come from?

Everyone has been very active in helping each other out

The cohort is extremely diverse, from background, origin, and professional experience. I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting my peers and the team bonding we had at Fun Valley was a very unique way for us to socialise and work together.

Shannon, 24, British

I am falling in love with the programme and with Maastricht

I am really happy to have attended the Introduction Days and I am looking forward to the rest of the year. It was one of the few moments in my academic life that I felt that I was studying what I am passionate about.

Beatriz, 23, Portuguese

I really liked the Introduction Days that you prepared for us!

It is great to meet the people who are in our Master’s programme. It was a good 'relaxed' start. The food was great, and I liked the tour through town and the team building activities. The mock PBL was very helpful to do for a first time; this made the first 'real' tutorial easier!

Mirza, 21, Dutch

I love to look at the River Meuse when I cross the bridge for my classes

Ahh the cohort - just a brilliant group of people brought together under one umbrella is what I would say about the cohort! The Introduction Days were a good start as an ice-breaking session. They gave the message that we need to work hand-in-hand to be able to achieve any goal!

Bansi, 25, Indian

An adventure!

That's the first word that popped into my mind while reflecting back on the Introduction Days. The speeches on Thursday morning felt like the welcoming on board session, but before the take-off, the UNU cabin crew made sure that we, as passengers, were familiar with the general structure and regulations.

Aira, 24, Lithuanian